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What to expect?

The recent interest in Systemic Design has resulted in the emergence of toolkits and templates that aim at integrating systems thinking with service design methods. However, we believe there is an imperative for a more profound and insightful integration. Thereby, in Systemic Design 2.0, we move beyond the tools and templates level, to tap into the power of timeless ideas and practical techniques from the systems paradigm. This transition enables the designers to add depth and dimension to their observations, create their own tools for sense-making, re-iterate and examine design problems in novel ways, and learn better in and about complexity.

What are the takeaways from this training?

This lecture will help you:

  • Examine the cornerstones of Systemic Design 2.0: principle of feedback, dynamism, and endogenous behavior.
  • Explore systems thinking as a language to describe and structure complex problems.
  • Enhance your understanding of emergence as a key characteristic of complex systems.
  • Become acquainted with heuristics to design for emergent behavior in complex systems.
  • Assess transitioning from solving to dissolving problems and from systematic to systemic design.

Who is this course for?

Service designers, systemic designers, UX Designers, anyone interested in the intersection between systems thinking and design.

Course curriculum

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    • Deep-dive into Systemic Design 2.0


“I found the SDN Academy webinar "Introduction to Systemic Design 2.0 to be a brilliant description of systems thinking and how it contrasts from our usual approach to problem solving which tends to be limited in analysis and short-sighted.”

Course Participant Nov 2021

“An impressive introduction into the topic! ”

Course Participant Nov 2021

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